Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

7 years ago


I listen to many people in order to keep on track, keep motivated and learn more about how to create a successful business and life.

As we’ve gone deep into the first month of the New Year, I’ve been honing in on a few things to keep me on track. One of them was the Goal Setting Workshop that I held this past weekend. A big part of that was helping people focus on their business and getting to where they want to be in the coming year. A good friend of mine is a Tony Robbins’ Senior Leader. She shares many of his philosophies and teachings with me, many of which I enjoy. I have really taken to one of his sayings.

One of the things that I’ve heard #TonyRobbins say is that “Where focus goes, energy flows.” There are two different aspects that I want to look at that I think are really important in business. Just to boil it down to a very simple philosophy, we should focus on where you are going and we should not focus on things that are detrimental to our business.

First, we should focus on where we are going. Most everyone knows Tyler Perry. I recently saw a video that he shot telling people how to be successful. The one thing that struck me the most was his analogy of your business. He said that your business is like a tree, if you water it then it will grow and if you ignore it then it will shrivel up and die. You need to focus your attention on your business, in a very single minded fashion. If you put in some time in flipping, some time in wholesaling and some time in commercial real estate you won’t get good at any of them. You will be a jack of all trades and a master of none.

I studied martial arts for 23 years. I think I got pretty good at it and it taught me a lot about tolerating repetition. I had one instructor who made us stand at a balance bar and throw the exact same kick 100 times, then switch legs and do it on the other side. That was in 1983, but I bet that, if I had to, I could still throw that exact same kick the exact same way. Practicing doing something perfectly over and over again focuses our talents to a precision like nothing else can. If you want to become an expert at running comps, run them every day. Put the homes in a database and come back and check how close you were when it sold, if you didn’t get the property. Do this every day for a couple of months and your skill at comping houses will be rock solid. Sensei Gilliland has his students run 10 a day. I think that is a good start.

The other side of the coin is to NOT focus on things that are detrimental to your business. You need to cut things out of your life that aren’t producing positive results and cultivate the things that do. Don’t get me wrong, we need to spend time with our family and friends, but if they are keeping you from your work, then they don’t have your best interest in mind. Do you like having a drink every night after work? For some people they use that as networking platform to create business relationships and a positive influence in business. For others, they just sit there and watch the latest UFC fight. There is nothing wrong with either, but using that time to maximize your connections and contacts is nothing but a positive. I didn’t say “negative influence” because that is a personal assessment, but if it isn’t a positive influence you need to minimize it.

Well into the New Year, you need to set your goals and focus in on what will make you a success. Here at Baile Properties, all we do is rehab houses and take on strategic partners who are new in the business to make them the real estate moguls they want to be. By being focused on DOING real estate and having the right partners we are able to have a successful business.

If anyone has more questions or wants more one-on-one coaching, don’t hesitate to contact me. This is a passion for me and I truly enjoy sharing what I know with others. Thanks for coming by and getting a bit of the education. Until then, remember that you, too, have that inner warrior that it takes to achieve greatness and success. Feel free to drop me a line at Coaching[at]


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