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When: February 2, 2016

Where: Culver City

Guest Speaker: Ajay Mehra of MOR Financial, Ravash Ram, Justin Hixon and Marcus Uhtof.

About the Event: Once we completed the initial networking portion of the event, Ravash Ram introduced the additional panelists and guest speakers. This was a well-rounded presentation, to say the least. Each panelist stressed of the importance of starting out by setting goals for yourself and writing them down to create a visual representation of your targets. Other important topics included “How the Real Estate Industry comes down to numbers”, and a discussion on the importance of having leads and reaches and how they will turn into a deal. After each guest spoke, we had a question and answer session followed by meeting, greeting and networking with the attendees. The room was filled with seasoned investors, Real Estate Agents, Rehabbers, Title Officers, Loan Officers and brokers. They gave us crucial information on how we can step up our game and become better professionals. Without giving too much away about the session itself, I walked away from this event as more knowledgeable Real Estate Investor than when I walked in, and really, that’s just about what you can ask for from a club event such as this.

 Club Information:

The Los Angeles Real Estate Investment Association was formed to give local Real estate investors a place to buy and sell real estate investment deals, network with other investors and share local information that will help our community of investors.

The club focuses on the areas of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

The L.A. Real Estate Investment Association pledges to bring you speakers and discussion topics that are relevant to building the investment knowledge you need to be successful in L.A.

To understand the language of real estate, it helps to network with others who are fluent in Real Estate Investing. LA– Real Estate Investor Association members are a diverse group of aspiring and accomplished real estate investors of varying levels.

You can contact LA REIA at 888-683-3052 or by visiting their Meetup Page for additional information.

Kenny Saldana is an Account Executive at MOR Financial. He can be reached at [email protected].

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