The Effective Networking Effect

No matter what industry you’re involved with, building a network of professionals is a crucial aspect of moving forward as a business or entity. Although many people understand what the idea of networking is, very few folks put a plan behind that idea. There is more to networking than shaking hands and collecting business cards, … Continued

Flipping Real Estate vs. Holding Real Estate

Should I flip or should I hold? That is the question many investors continue to contemplate when trying to start out investing in real estate, and that is the question I will be presenting IN-DEPTH tomorrow morning on Webinar Wednesday. You can Register for that FREE Webinar HERE. The Flipping vs. Holding debate is so … Continued

Back to the Basics: Networking an REI

Welcome back to MOR Financial’s REI Blog,  A Shot of Baile, where we are talking about creating a real estate business that will provide you with the lifestyle that you want to be accustomed to. It has been a long time since I talked about networking and how to work a crowd. I want to … Continued