7% to 13% Returns
Secured by Real Estate Properties

Residential & Commercial Portfolios

With nearly $250 Million in fundings over the past few years, MOR Financial has offered its investors a securitized alternative investment with uncorrelated returns to the broader markets. Averaging 10.5% annualized returns, we have successfully aided our investors in diversifying and growing their investment portfolios.

Trust deed investments offer a steady monthly return while reducing the liquidity risk often associated with Real Estate investments. It is our objective to adhere to the needs of each individual investor’s portfolio while taking into consideration risk tolerances and exposure, coupled with preferred investment duration.


A trust deed, or deed of trust, is a security instrument for real estate loans. The details of the loan are spelled out in a separate promissory note, and the trust deed is recorded at the County Recorder’s Office. The trust deed serves legal notice to the world that the subject property is pledged to secure a California Hard Money loan. It also provides for rapid method of foreclosure should the borrower default on a California hard money loan.

Be the Bank.
Earn 7-13%

There is high demand for private capital within the real estate investing community due to tight convetional lending guidlines, if possible at all due to the conidtion of the property.

Our borrowers also require to close within days to secure the best deal possible; banks are too big to act as quick to provide funding on time.

They utilize the power of leverage and leverage their purchase with your funds to maximize their returns.

  • maximize your return
  • minimize your exposure
  • first trust deeds with maximum loan to value of 65%
  • max loan to value of 65% immediately builds in a minimum of 35% protective equity for the investor in case of default

  • yield return up to 13%

We have successfully aided our investors in diversifying and growing their investment portfolio by offering consistent high yield returns averaging 10.5% and funding nearly 250 Million Dollars since 2011.

A Trust Deed Investment offers you the option of term lengths as short as six months up to 5 years. It is our goal to adhere the needs of each individual investor’s portfolio and best of all your investment is secured by real estate.

Why Should You Invest?

  • You become the bank,

    Your name goes on the Deed of Trust and is made public record at the County recorder’s office

  • A truly passive approach to real estate investing without headaches of home ownership

    No need to worry about bad tenants, vacancies, unforeseen repairs.

  • Securitized investments

    Invest without the volatility of the day-to-day market changes

  • Each Submission is heavily scrutinized before it is presented 

    No need to search for deals they are brought to you

  • Lender has the best seat in the house

  • Diversification with in Real Estate and overall investment portfolio
  • Reduces liquidity risk that is present with Real Estate investing 
  • You are in control,

    You set the criteria for prospective notes

    choose from:


    Leverage Point

    Amount and Term

    Rate of Return

Offered to private individuals, corporations, pension plans, 401ks, retirement funds, IRAs, Roth IRAs, Self-Directed IRAs, and SEP accounts.

Investor F.A.Q

Answering the most common questions

How Do You Invest?

MOR will structure your portfolio based on your target rate of return, location, loan-to-value, type of property and clientele. We underwrite each submission by reviewing in detail the following:

  • Preliminary Title Report to verify your 
  • investment holds priority to any other liens
  • Appraisal report to substantiate the value of the property
  • Loan Application
  • Credit Report
  • Market Rent Survey
  • Schedule of Real Estate
  • Affordability of the loan
  • Market Trends and Statistics
  • Subject Market’s Demographics
  • Borrower’s exit Strategy

Step by Step | Trust Deed Investing

How we do it and why we are different

Become The Bank!

Start Earning With MOR

Steady Returns
Interest is received monthly. Returns are absent the volatility of day-to-day market fluctuations.
Passive Investing
Real Estate investment with out the headaches of home ownership. No need to worry about bad tenants or vacancy issues.
Securitized Assets
The property is pledged as collateral against your investment.
Tangible Assets
You can personally visit your investment and see the value in person.

Remember, you are in Control

You set the criteria for prospective notes
Leverage Point
Amount & Term
Rate of Return

MOR Financial will structure your portfolio based on pre-established parameters which incorporate risk tolerances, liquidity preferences, leverage points, and desired real estate asset classes. We underwrite each submission by reviewing in great detail and depth, at a minimum, the following:

  • Loan Application
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Borrower’s Schedule of Real Estate
  • Borrower’s Exit Strategy
  • Loan Affordability
  • Market Trends and Statistics
  • Market Rent Survey
  • Credit Report
  • Subject Market’s Demographics

Take a truly passive approach to real estate investing and capitalize on the benefits of trust deed investing. Speak to our Investment Counselors today and structure an investment strategy that meets your short, and long term goals.


Become an Investor Today

We currently only lend capital in the state of California. We have over 60 years of combined experience and knowledge of funding private and conventional loans in the California market and have built a reputable name as one of California’s premier lenders since 2006.

Best of all, California is one of the leading states in lending Hard Money which gives us the ability to remain ahead of the curve.

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