7% to 13% Returns

Secured by Real Estate Properties

Residential & Commercial Portfolios

With over $500 million in fundings over the past few years, MOR Financial has offered its investors a securitized alternative investment in California Real Estate. For clients that wish to take a passive approach to Real Estate while earning secured monthly returns on your investments, MOR Financial’s highly vetted trust deed offerings (TDO’s) are an excellent choice for any investment portfolio. Clients have the comfort and control of choosing their own parameters and risk tolerance from a wide array of 1st and 2nd position trust deeds. All aspects of the transaction are handled in house and serviced by MOR in order to ensure quality of service throughout the life of the transaction.

Become The Bank!

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Steady Returns

Interest is received monthly. Returns are absent the volatility of day-to-day market fluctuations.

Passive Investing

Real Estate investment with out the headaches of home ownership. No need to worry about bad tenants or vacancy issues.

Securitized Assets

The property is pledged as collateral against your investment.

Tangible Assets

You can personally visit your investment and see the value in person.

What Is It Exactly?

A trust deed, or deed of trust, is a security instrument for real estate loans. The details of the loan are spelled out in a separate promissory note, and the trust deed is recorded at the County Recorder’s office. The trust deed serves legal notice to the world that the subject property is pledged to secure a California hard money loan. It also provides for rapid method of foreclosure should the borrower default on a California hard money loan.

  • Maximize your return
  • Minimize your exposure
  • First trust deeds with maximum loan to value of 65%
  • Max loan to value of 65% immediately builds in a minimum
    of 35% protective equity for the investor in case of default
  • Yield return up to 13%

Why Should You Invest?

  • You become the bank

    Your name goes on the Deed of Trust and is made public record at the County recorder’s office
  • A truly passive approach to real estate investing without the headaches of home ownership

    No need to worry about bad tenants, vacancies, and unforeseen repairs.
  • Securitized investments

    Invest without the volatility of the day-to-day market changes
  • Each Submission is heavily scrutinized before it is presented

    No need to search for deals, they are brought to you
  • Lender has the best seat in the house

  • Diversification within real estate and overall investment portfolio

  • Reduces liquidity risk that is present with Real Estate investing

  • You are in control,

    You set the criteria for prospective notes

    Location, Leverage Point, Amount and Term, Rate of Return

    Offered to private individuals, corporations, pension plans, 401ks, retirement funds, IRAs, Roth IRAs, Self-Directed IRAs, and SEP accounts.

How Do You Invest?

MOR will structure your portfolio based on your target rate of return, location, loan-to-value, type of property and clientele. We underwrite each submission by reviewing in detail the following:

  • Preliminary Title Report to verify your investment holds priority to any other liens

  • Appraisal report to substantiate the value of the property

  • Loan Application

  • Credit Report

  • Market Rent Survey

  • Schedule of Real Estate

  • Affordability of the loan

  • Market Trends and Statistics

  • Subject Market’s Demographics

  • Borrower’s exit Strategy

  • Interview Process

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