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Welcome to the MOR Financial Real Estate Investor Blog, an educational series for Real Estate Investors of all experience levels. Whether you are new to the game or are a seasoned Real Estate Entrepreneur, you can always learn MOR.

6 Ways to Get SMART

One thing that I’m committed to is helping others succeed in business. Seriously, it is the only way to succeed at anything. When you surround yourself with individuals who are committed to winning and succeeding, you cannot help but succeed yourself. There was a fascinating study conducted on the 1979 Harvard MBA program where graduate…

Cross Market Attribution and Why It’s Important

Wow! That is a long title. I know that it breaks the rules for titles, but this is important enough to try and get some attention. Last month, I was at the FIBI Holiday Party that was sponsored by MOR Financial & MOR Synergy. First, the party was an absolutely amazing time with a silent…

The Mindset Needed to Play the Game

Part of creating a successful business is the mindset. We’ve talked about mindset before, but let’s take a deeper look into getting your head in the game and creating the success you want. “How do you handle the fear of failure?” We all have that voice in our head that tells us to play it safe,…

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