7 Tips for Finding the Right Lender

How do you know you’ve picked the correct lender for your current and future needs? What’s the best approach to use when you’re searching for a Mortgage Lender? Research and due diligence! Securing the right loan involves more than just your credit score. Check out these fairly simple yet often overlooked tips before you commit … Continued

MOR Financial at the AOA Tradeshow

MOR Financial has had a consistent presence at the Apartment Owners Association Tradeshow, and it was no different for their recent efforts in Long Beach, CA. On May 19th, several Real Estate investors from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of experience funneled into the Long Beach Convention Center to shake hands, talk shop … Continued

The Effective Networking Effect

No matter what industry you’re involved with, building a network of professionals is a crucial aspect of moving forward as a business or entity. Although many people understand what the idea of networking is, very few folks put a plan behind that idea. There is more to networking than shaking hands and collecting business cards, … Continued

Flipping Real Estate vs. Holding Real Estate

Should I flip or should I hold? That is the question many investors continue to contemplate when trying to start out investing in real estate, and that is the question I will be presenting IN-DEPTH tomorrow morning on Webinar Wednesday. You can Register for that FREE Webinar HERE. The Flipping vs. Holding debate is so … Continued

The Power of Leverage

My name is Corey Siegel and I am the Branch Manager here at MOR Financial. I’ve been with the company since it’s earlier days and the one thing that I can say I’ve learned and implemented into my personal and professional life is the concept of Leverage. I’ve found its power to be so positive … Continued

Back to the Basics: Networking an REI

Welcome back to MOR Financial’s REI Blog,  A Shot of Baile, where we are talking about creating a real estate business that will provide you with the lifestyle that you want to be accustomed to. It has been a long time since I talked about networking and how to work a crowd. I want to … Continued

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Welcome back to MOR Financial’s REI Blog, “A Shot of Baile”. I’m in the rehab business. That’s my job right now. I don’t know that I will always be a rehabber full time, but it is a business that I love. Down the road, I’ll probably just do it because I love experiencing the transformation … Continued

5 Reasons to Love Wholesalers

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love good wholesalers. They can make your life easier and your bank account bigger. I was coaching a class last night and I started talking to another coach. When we started discussing what we do for a living, I told her that I’m a real … Continued

What Makes a Good Offer?

Today on MOR Financial’s REI Blog, A Shot of Baile, we are going to look at the next step in selling a rehabbed property. We’ve talked about finding the house, we’ve talked about running the numbers and making sure it is a good deal. We’ve gone into a lot of detail on the Contractor and … Continued

Vacation Time for an Investor

Welcome back to MOR Financial’s REI Blog where we cover all things Real Estate Investing. As I write this, I am on vacation. I’m taking a week off of my day job and visiting family and having some fun. That doesn’t mean that I’m not working, though. I’m up at my daughter’s college and looking … Continued